Please remember that Prior to submitting a ticket, ensure you have reviewed the below solutions to commonly reported issues.

If the issue is in relation to the Mobile App - Please check that the device is switched on, connected to a mobile data or Wi-Fi network, and the user has not/are not logging into multiple devices with the same user ID ( ie a Tablet and Phone )

Please note that logging in whilst on mobile data will take longer to sync data and is best done whilst connected to Wi-Fi

If the issue relates to only one mobile app user on your account - have them log into an alternative device to see if the issue replicates itself. This will quickly establish if the issue is device related

If the issue is in relation to the back office system - Please firstly check that the browser you are using is Google Chrome, that it is the most up to date version and that you have cleared the browser cache.


In order for us to provide optimum support for issues raised in tickets, please include as much information as possible.

This can include job reference numbers, job ID numbers, users experiencing issues, form names and steps that were taken prior to the issue.

Providing a detailed ticket will allow us to investigate your issue much quicker and avoid any unnecessary delays.

NB. Please ensure that you allocate your ticket to the correct help topic to avoid a delay in our response

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The Fieldmotion Support Team